About Teri O'Neal-Boring, Wellness Coach

Having entered the Natural Health field in 1987, my studies have encompassed a variety of topics, including herbs, vitamins, nutrition, iridology, muscle response testing, and reflexology. I am a Certified Reflexologist through the International Institute of Reflexology. I have also earned two Certificates of Merit by passing competency exams with Dr. Bernard Jensen Ph. D. in association with Jensen International. I have mastered courses in Philosophy, Instruction of Iridology and have a Certificate of Excellence in Iridology, Nutrition and Holistic Healing. In addition, I have completed the Body Systems approach to Natural Healing and Constitutional Iridology and Basic Herbalism from “The Tree of Light Institute” in combinations with mastering Muscle Response Testing.

I am a Certified Herbalist. I am not a licensed physician, nor a Natural Health Service that is licensed by the state. I do not diagnose diseases, prescribe drugs or recommend treatments for specific disease conditions. The idea behind “natural health” is a philosophy based on the belief that the body can heal itself by following the laws of nature and using treatments that support normal body functions. (Holistic) Natural Health promotes the use of organic foods and exercise, maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle, and herbal therapies. These are used in an attempt to improve health, and stay well, which is believed to be a natural state of the body.

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