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NEW! Zyto Compass
The Compass is your guide to better health. Using a state of the art hand cradle, the ZYTO Compass system monitors the electrical changes in Galvanic Skin Response or GSR. The results are then used to choose supplements and herbal thereapies that are optimal for you.

Health Assesements and Wellness Coaching
I use a number of tools and therapies to educate and help people improve their health by utilizing iridology and muscle response testing, pH testing and explaining herbal therapies.

Constitutional Iridology Analysis
Iridology is the Study Of The Patterns And Markings In The Iris Of The Eye. For over a hundred years, various Iridologists have studied these patterns and markings, correlating them with specific health problems, physical strengths and weaknesses and personality traits. Through these empirical observations, Iridologists have noted certain constitutional patterns. That is to say, people with similar eye patterns tend to have similar personality traits and health profiles. These observations are the basis for Constitutional Iridology Analysis.

Herbal Therapies
The use of historic herbs and how they have been used by man for centuries to help the body meet any and all health challenges. I primarily use Nature's Sunshine Products.

Muscle Response Testing
This addresses the muscles in motion in regard to organs of the body. With muscle testing we are challenging the strength or weakness of the body's energy field.

Flower Essences
These are herbal infusions or decoctions made from the flowering part of the plant which uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness.

We use the Inglam Method® of reflexology primarily for relaxing tension. Reflexology improves nerve and blood supply and helps nature to normalize.

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